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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 3, 2014 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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house side. but he could join. >> make beautiful music. >> thank you for joining us. >> america's news headquarters starts right now. a deadly winter storm is slamming the northeast, killing nine people cross five states snarling air traffic and closing schools and government offices over the region. the storm dumping two feet of snow in parts of massachusetts. whiteout conditions and forcing authorities to declare a states of emergency in new york, new jersey and we'll have more on the impact of the storm that affected millions of people in the annual forecast just a head. new evidence that the white house is trying to change the narrative again on the obama care roll out. welcome to america's hq. i am gregg jarret. >> and the 7 million enrollment
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estimate needed to be reached by march was never an obama administration target they say. critics say this is another example of the white house moving the goal post again. chris stirewall is here and host of fox play. >> it was lowered to throw.3 million enrolled by the end of december and 2.1 enrolled. it was a projection, i ask you was the 7 million role or i fabrication and the government got derailed? >> it depends on what you think the law is intended to do. that is currently what is happening. the discussion in this country right now, what is the point of obama care? the point of obama care was that
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it would bend the cost curve and make health care more affordable. it would be as washington likes to say a win- win for everybody. but as we get towards full implementation of the law and goes into full affect what the law is doing is insuring the uninsured and the democrats say is a worthy goal. you can't do the other thing. you can't bend the cost curve or change the dynamic on health insurance if they don't sign up even though more than 6 million policies were cancelled under the law. >> what about the white house pitch. how is it it say to the young and healthy ones. we are doing fine. obama care is open for business. come on in? the shift now for democrats is, how many seats can they protect
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in the united states senate? they need to make sure the republicans don't win more than five societies in the election year. they are shifting to income and inquality clash conflict argument as they are rolling forward. and maybe we didn't get 7 million that we needed and a lot of the stuff we needed and maybe those young people never came through the dor. we provided health insurance to those who needed it and republicans want to take it away from them and that's the argument that senate democrats make. they are depriving needy people of health insurance. >> that would be the democrats argument how do the republicans combat this and here are solutions to what you are doing on your side of the aisle. >> if the administration is far off on the estimates as is shaping up to be now especially when it comes to the number of
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young healthy people signing up for the law and becoming paying customers, if it is as far off as that. we will see the insurance rates go up in the country and 87 percent of americans insured in the employers to somebody in their family,ul will see rates sky rocket and at that moment, it will sews to matter what a politician or incumbent and those voting for obama care are voting on the way out. >> of course, you will have the customers and they will get the last say and we'll so more reviews and some from satisfied patrons and say look, this is a bunch of bait and switch. it remains to so how the law will play out. >> time will tell. this is the key. if not enough people seen up. and younger people who don'ts inially need it. if they don't get millions of those, this will blow up and the
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cost continuium for everybody will be a serious problem and there is no way to go around that. that's what we are waiting to see when the administration is finally ready to share the data. in kentucky. 40 percent of the 116,000 enrollees were under 35. happy new year. >> happy new year. another obama care official resigning in the roll out of the debacle. oregon's health exchange director becoming the second state official to resign. he came under fire when the on line enrollment system failed to come live in october. technical problems forced oregonians to apply using paper. as of this week, the state's on line exchange has not launched. >> greg, a major union battle
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coming to head when machinist will vote on the latest contract offer from boeing. it could determine if the next airplane will be built in the state of the washington or elsewhere in the country. dan spring is live with more. hi, dan. >> reporter: yeah, hi. machinist have been voting since 5:00 this morning, a long steady line in everet. there is anything but union solidarity. >> democracies work and we voted it is over. >> reporter: well, today's vote almost didn't happen. local leaders of the international association of machinist said the offer is the same as the contract extension and overwhelmingly rejected by members in november. what has changed is the beauing
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elsewhere where it is not accepted. >> if the membership doesn't like it, they will reject it. it shouldn't be up to one person to decide, i am not going to put this to a vote. >> reporter: the local union held a rally and urging a no vote. what boeing is doing they say is extortion of the the current contract goes two more years. but in order to guarantee their jobs they want to switch pensions and a 401 k plan. securing production would mean tens of thousands of good paying jobs for years to come. politicians are urging a yes vote. >> it's all of the pressure our members are feeling from people with no personal stake in this. it couldn't be more personal for the members. they are looking at voting and having less take- home pay with
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added health care cost and giving up a pension that is well funded. >> reporter: and one machinist we talked to likened it to a high stakes game of poker in which boeing is holding all of the cards. >> the voting will cut off at 6 o'clock local time. and so we'll look closer at the union fight unfolding today. what the ramifications of today's co vote might be. back now to the fox extreme weather on the deadly storm pounding the northeast. we'll go to jd. it is extreme? >> it is. local forecasters got it right. we had a couple of areas isolated of two feet of snow in
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massachusetts, but central park six inches right on the money forecasted. and parts of new york close to a foot and boston over 14 inches. certainly snowfall toelts and blizzard continues. the bulk of the system is gone right now, but we have blustery conditions and the temperatures are frigid and soine the kids with a snow day can't play outside for any length of time. forecast in the wind chill are single digits and below 0 over the next 12 or 24 hours. things will be dangerous in saturday and sunday and temperatures will rebound and we have another storm on the way sunday night and monday. that starts in the northern plains. we have blizzard warnings for parts of the dakotas and over the ohio river valley and several inches of snow and chicago, your daytime hi gh is
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mineus 10. it will be very, very dangerously cold in the new work week and then the system will move eastward. it will warm up on the east coast. behind it, we'll feel colder than we do in the northeast. forecan have the for precipitation in monday evening, 3- 6 inches in the upper midwest and town in the tennessee river valley and mainly a snow event in the eastern sea board. but cold temperatures will push oast ward monday, tuesday and wednesday, single digits and below 0 temperatures and perhaps one of the coldest nfl games over the weekend for grown bay, greg. >> really? >> i think minus, i will have to check that, one of the coldest nfl games ever played could happen for grown bay. >> it could be even colder than the ice bowl. >> perhaps not the ice bowl.
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i think the wind chill was minus 50. but let me get on that and i will get back to you at the 2 o'clock hour. >> i am glad i got my wife the big shovel for christmas. >> she does the shovelling. why are you wearinga i long coat. >> really your mom asked you that? >> do i look like an idiot to you. you don't answer. our medical a- team is here to tell you what it means. >> fire crews working to put out a fire in the ballpark. we'll have the latest details on the developing story. >> dozens of people are stuck on a ship in waters of the antartica and the snag in the bottom of the world. >> somebody call al gore,
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>> a mierp league ballpark in michigan going up in flames. heavy black smoke billowing from a facility in grand rapids. no injuries are reported at this ponent. crews are braving single digital temperatures to put out the flames. the ballpark sits 10,000 people and home to the west michigan wild cats which is a affiliate of the detroit tigers. there is a new study out that said the expansion of obama care will increase emergency room visits. obama care claims that the health care law would reduce those costs. they are costly trips to the er. we have a fox news medical a- teamer and professor of medicine. >> what is the deal here? >> the new york times call today
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rigorous and published in the journal of science. a now years ago price- water house copper came up with the information that medicaid patients would use the er as people without insurance. this study confirms that. it involves harvard university and showed in 200 ate. when they gave more medicaid to people, they are 40 percent likely more to use the er and many more times when they didn't need it. we have ten percent less er's in the united states than we had ten years ago. if you go to the er, you don't want to see it clogged with people who have new insurance cards've any kind that don't need to be there. medicaid patients may not get in to see primary doctors like me. 50 percent of the specialist don't take medicaid and i might
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not have the network. you break a leg i tell you to go to the er. and same thing with delivering a baby and it is hard to find physicians to work with you on the outpatient settings and you may be forced to go to the er. >> the president claimed that people had substandard insurance and he would replace that. doctors said to me medicaid and he's expanding the medicaid role that medicaid is substandard because so many doctors will not take it. >> not to mention the hospitals. there is an advantage of medicaid to people who have nothing. but what is never done with medicaid is prevent over use and that's where the president was being disingenous. we don't need er's filled with
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people who don't need to be there. the hospitals suffer because they are paid less. and so it is not a pannacea. and half of obama care is medicaid. >> i want to transition if i can to an a p story that i saw. headline, adding a baby to a health plan is not easy, is that true? >> that's a great story, it points out what is going on once the website is fixed. all of this for the was trying to fix it, they didn't figure out how to sign a baby. great news, i can't get insurance to cover it because the websites don't have that flexibility. if there is a death or baby is born or divorce, you may not get it on the policy through the website. you have to call your broker. you have to call them up and say
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what do i do now? my new born infant needs health care. >> quality and access in your judgment and experience as a doctor going down. >> well, i wrote about it in the wall street journal. i am concerned about quality going down. and on top of that people who think they have insurance and may not because of the website and that is affecting the quality of care. >> you have a case of the -- the woman who took care of all of your insurance and took a week off. everybody should read this in the wall street journal by dr. mark siegel. >> thank you dr. siegel. thank you, gregg. >> well, his escape prompted a search. a latest developments after a mental patient a cowed of
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an escaped mental patient charged in the death of his mother and stepfather was recantured. jason carter left the facility in colombia, south carolina and stole a white van. he was found 400 miles away in tennessee. carter is accused of shooting his mother and stepfather at their home and wrapping their bodies in plastic in 2006.
10:24 am
the suspect is arrested in a killing of a respected priest found dead on new year's day. investigators say gary boyd was in and out of police custody in the hours before eric freed was killed. he was arrested on tuesday for public intoxication and taken to jail in california. he was taken to the hospital and returned to the jail and released. police are trying to figure out the motive for the killing. america's top diplomat pushing to get new peace talks started. secretary of state john kerry meeting with israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu. conner powell is live in jerusalem with more. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry is hoping to conclude a framework agreement between the israels and palestinians by the end of april and nail down a long- term peace agreement
10:25 am
between the two sides. he is meeting with israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu today. and prime minister a bas later in the day. and other officials in the next day or so. last night kerry arrived for a tense visit in the region and said despite the odds a peace deal is not impossible but begin the conditions. it is not any time soon. they are far apart in what they are looking for out of an agreement. the biggest issue is the borders of a potential palestinian state and future of the israel settlements in the palestinian territory. right now 300,000 israelis is living in the west bank and inside of the borders of a future palestine. but israelis are demanding a continued military presence in the future of palestine in a way to prevent attacks on the state
10:26 am
of israel. and palestinians want israeli troops out of their future borders and there are a lot of disagreements and work to be done. but secretary of state john kerry said he and america are committed to this. and whether or not the israelis and palestinians are is a big question in the region. they are going to continue to work and rumors that both sides are trying to go along with the american effort so that they can claim that the other side was at fault if talks fall apart. >> thank you for the live report in jerusalem. new details after two americans are arrested in benghazi. we are learning about the circumstances that led to it. and a brand new poll shows that majority of americans are not having a good experience with the obama care roll out.
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sub0 temps after a snow storm pummels the northwest and northeast. >> i like the snow but not like. this i love snow like this. not when i am going to work.
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two americans reportedly detained in benghazi, the pair are basketball players and they were taken into custody in the university campus there, it is unclear why. the u.s. state departmented ordering evacuation of state workers in sud an. and a travel advisory urged american citizens to love the country immediately. >> here at home slight improvements in the airport after a monster storm forced the vakz -- cancellation of flights. >> reporter: we haven't sewn the snow here but there is a domino affect from all of the bad weather starting in the northeast and rippling over the country. it is a mix of the snow, ice and bad visibility at all of the airports in the northeast. take logan international shut
10:32 am
down overnight. since reopened but in the process stranded thousands of passengers and earlier the director of operations from the airport spoke about the travel problems. >> we'll so the airlines residewalkle the airlines and will not be normal operation until tomorrow. once these aircraft they start to recycle this afternoon. >> reporter: throughout the day there have been 2200 cancellations and more than 3300 delays and with los angeles, there is a national championship game for college football monday night, gregg, a lot of people trying to fly in to l.a. the best advice for those people continue to check on line or call your airline to see if your flights are cancelled or te laid, gregg. >> will, thank you very much.
10:33 am
art. two-thirds of uninsured americans have a negative experience with the obama care website. according to gall up. 59 percent said it is a negative experience and 39 percent said a positive experience. we have that right now. guy benson and julie, fox news contributors and we want to get into. this happy new years. >> happy new year. >> i want to start with you on this one, talk about the problems that folks are having with the health exchange. >> they are well documented from the technological issues to the sticker shock and access shock and dropped coverage. we have covered that on on fox and elsewhere. i would say what is interesting arthel about this poll of uninsured americans specifically, and what i find
10:34 am
fascinating is whether or not these samples include people who were uninsured last year prior to obama care implemented and versus the newly uninsured because of obama care. the administration said 2.1 million americans selected plans through the obama care exchanges. that is an inflated number and not credible for a number of reasons. 2.1 million. and media reports indicate 4- 6 million americans have lost their coverage. starting now here in january, because of the law, that is a double or triple the rate of people managing to sign up. i would love to know how the break down works in the polls when they are asking uninsured people if you are uninsured before obama care. >> the poll is made up of interviews with 1500 uninsured americans including 450 who reported visiting the health
10:35 am
exchanges. what is your take on this, julie? >> i can talk about guys. i don't agree of the 4 or 6 million uninsured on obama care. you are not talking about permanently insured thanks to obama care. they had cancelled plans and immediately got new plans. that is one. and two, go to sign up for any bureaucratic thing like obama care is like the dnb. the reality is, you have to look at how many people have health care, as guy points out. the administration said over 2 million in the exchanges and 4 million through medicare expansion and so you are having millions of americans despite the unpleasant experience of obama care and website are now insured. that is the metric. and the real metric will be on the end of march when the
10:36 am
enrollment period is over. you might have a bad insurance in the dmv but you get a driver's license. and here you get health insurance. >> would you like obama care to fail? >> i don't think whethery want something to fail. i think based on the evidence it is failing and the promises they are making to the american people are not kept for millions of folks. julie can say they have 2.1 million people signed up. 4 to 6 million people thrown off plans, they may not be permanently uninsured. but they are fewer americans insured today than last year. and one of the ponent of this is so great signing up and getting coverage which is what is important. there is another poll. >> let me jump in.
10:37 am
i know you have a lot of polls and i get bored to be honest with you on the polls, just being honest. would you say, julie, in fairness, i asked guy why you want obama care to fail. julie, do you want obama care to live if you will? it is the law, but do you want it to succeed at all in >> i want it to succeed. if it is successfully implemented and that is a question mark if so. but if it were, millions and tens of millions of americans will have access to health care and that is something regardless of democrat or republican or partisan, we should want that for fellow americans. it is not whether i want it to suck sowed or republicans want it to fail. we should all want to be having access to health care. >> so guy, i don't want your mom
10:38 am
to call me and i cut you off. i will give you the last 20 seconds on this one. >> of course, we can all come together and get as many people quality affordable care as possible. that is a goal. but it is not an excuse for poorly crafted legislation that was solid with incorrect promises and lies. separate the outcomes versus the intentions. intentions are not everything in life. >> guy benson, and julie, thank you for bringing the a game to the table. >> you don't want his mom to call. >> she is a nice lady. >> you don't want to go there. >> deer season, did you know, it is underway in the nation's capitol, but many will be disappointed because it is not
10:39 am
open to local hunters. instead the national park service is bringing out the big guns and sharp shooters hired to call in the deer population that has gone buck wild. molly is live from rock croak, in washington d.c. molly. >> reporter: yes, greg, rock creek, the park behind me is a 12 mile park in washington d.c., as you are saying sharp shooters will be working in the over night hours until the end of march or until they call the herd around the nation's capitol. it is a second year to stem the deer heard. they want 77 deer to around 15 or 20 deer per square mile. the over population is causing the deer to venture in neighborhoods and rush hour traffic looking for food. they say the deer is depleting
10:40 am
too much local vegetation. >> right now, deer are eating all of the tree seedlings that grow and if new plants and trees can't grow, the forest can't regenerate. >> and the naeshs support the program. but others want nonlethal means to prevent the deer from continuing to reprous. >> there is other options. they are just trying to get the easy way of getting out. >> you are not wounding them with a bow and arrow and not wounding them by untrained shotters and they do have to be cleared out. >> it is not just here, department of agriculture sharp shotters are controlling the deer population in other parks and cities. here locally deer meat that comes from the shooting will be begin to food banks and homeless
10:41 am
shelters. greg. >> you only showed pictures of cute deer in that story, and we are sitting here, oh, they are such cute bambideer and stuff. >> you only showed cute deer. >> reporter: we'll try less cute ones for you. >> find ugly deer would you? >> reporter: i will work on it. >> like the one that comes in my backyard and eats my shrubs. >> people get frustrated by it and come up to the doors and come out in the middle of the traffic. >> they do. my wife gets upset about it and that makes me upset. you know how that works. >> molly, thank you very much. >> all right. i will turn to commercial break. >> meanwhile federal officials slamming the editorial that call for clemency for edward snowden
10:42 am
and why the times got it wrong. >> russian president vladimar putin can do more than ride horses and play hockey. don't you know. we'll tell you about the olympics ven u.
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>> welcome bavenlth russian president vat vat putin hitting the slopes a head of next month's olympics just days after vowing to a nilalate the terrorist attacking the games. he was at a ski resort near the olympics skying ven u. this follows twin sowicide bombings 145 mills northeast of the area. >> russia in the meantime is
10:46 am
sheltering edward snowden. he was the topic of a new york times editorial that called for him to have clemency and pardon because of the value allegedly of what he revealed about u.s. government spying. he proved that government officials, this is a quote. are you tinily broken the law and claim that has federal officials angry. doug burns jones us. and you know, i read, judge, that the federal judge in new york. >> judge pauly's decision. he said there is no right to privacy when you provide information to a third party. is he right about that? >> i think he is. this is a political dust up at
10:47 am
this point. the new york times editorial was interesting, and i would sign on board with the idea that 100 percent, is that somebody may have done a criminal offense, but then argued in it is in the larger public good. two federal judges apparently granted interim relief and saying that the program may violate the law. judge pauly said it does not. the problem with the times editorial is the language that they just read that said it is illegal. i am not so sure it is correct. >> and doug, thank you very much. >> the judge in dc had it right, greg. that is who the times relied on. and they generally, the new york times served as a media pr firm. and that has to add salt in the wound. >> look the times indicate that the nsa program violated
10:48 am
a particular federal privacy law. and that's what the judge in dc found. i have to believe that there is a strength in that. we know it will be ending up before the u.s. supreme court. and there will be a compromise reached in it. but the idea that the administration intentionally went out and violated the law. this administration was know deep in benghazi. and here you have a guy, who is not even graduating from college. >> right. >> who claims that the nsa violated the constitution. and yet edward snowden, there is a picture of him. he's a guy who thumbs his nose at the constitution and the establishment of course to the criminal justice system. he pled it. >> here is a guy who causes you know, academic elites at one
10:49 am
party and raises the glasses and said he is a hero and others saying he is a criminal. and everybody has the competing arguments. but the reality is he committed a crime no question in my opinion. >> he is not a whistle blower. he is not one. and i want to go to lynn stewart i interviewed her over the years and represented the blind sheik who aided in the first terrorist attacks and now released because she's doing. is that the right -- david let me go to you on this. is that the right decision? >> apparently she has breast cancer and has approximately 18 months to live. but remember what she did. she was retained by the blipped shiek, and passes it to
10:50 am
a terrorist group and much more involved than we have time to get into. she was convicted of providing material information to a terrorist group and aiding and abetting an islamic terrorist group and providing them and prompting them to attack egypt. she was convicted and given ten to attack egypt. her release date is 2018. i don't know man, this is a tough one. if there was somebody who should be denied maybe this is the one. >> this has a back story greg, she got 28 months originally and said quote i could do this ta standing on my had. ab and the judge said, oh really and gave her the longer sentence. >> you feel badly and again, i've interviewed her over the
10:51 am
years and she has no remorse. she really doesn't. i have asked her point blank and she has no remorse. happy new years. >> from rescuer to rescuee the people saved from the ship. [ bottle ] okay, listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. [ all gasp ] oj, veggies you're cool. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! 'cause i'm re-workin' the menu, keeping her healthy and you on your toes.
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just when you thought it was over the drama continues for the passengers who were onboard a russian research ship stranded in arctic for days. one of the ice breaker ships that helped pull more than 50 people to safety may also soon need rescuing from the ice. this story keeps going.
10:55 am
>> reporter: it sure does. that chinese rescue ship is going to wait for more favorable conditions to see if it can't get itself free. if it can't get out it is going to call on that ice breaker to take those people back to land. it is on stand by waiting to see if the chinese ice breaker that needs help. their trip home may be delayed and both the chinese and australian ice breakers were involved in missions. those aboard the russian ship were relieved and grateful when they were rescued yesterday. >> i was relieved for the peo e
10:56 am
people. i was pleased with having extracted them in that situation. >> reporter: arthel it has been a costly rescue operation and it is not yet complete. no one is talking about any danger to the people on the ships. but it has to be frustrating for them all. and exhausting as you can hear. thank you so much. >> they said that the polarized caps would be melted by 2013? >> i think he did. we'll check on that. art? >> a big new challenge to obama care after a group of attornes.s they are accusing the president of breaking the law. we will talk to one of them.
10:57 am
and we'll have more on that snow storm that hit the northeast and a new storm that is brewing. , n? [ male announcer'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ [ male announcer ] bob's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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fox news alert serious problems for obama care. attorneys calling fixes to the troubled law calling them illegal. >> 11 public attorneys general taking them to the hhs secretary. they argue the administration is breaking the law with it's repeated change to obama care by completely bypassing congress. >> general, thank you for being with us. happy new year. what is illegal? >> happy new year, greg. remember back not too long ago
11:01 am
when the united states came out with it's decision with the challenge to bicycobama care any said obama care is the law of the land? now the enforcement phase has come into play we have seen even barack obama and the administration itself is realizing it is unworkable. it needs to be fixed. as opposed to fixing the law by having congress change the lay, the president and and secretary sebelius themselves are changing the law and we believe it is unconstitutional. >> let's dig deeper. section d of the obama care law the aca. effective date the amendments made by the section shall and that is my emphasis shall apply
11:02 am
to months beginning after december 31st, 2013. general, shall and you learned this in law school is a mandatory word. it is not changeable. you cannot change it. under that reading of the law, that hat been changed by the president illegally? >> as a former texas supreme court justice myself i can tell you that courts apply that word shall to mean that it provides the executive branch no latitude in how they are going to apply the law. this is one of the ways that they are violating the law as written by congress and violating the constitution in trying to aplay their own interpretation in applying the law. >> no one hout standing
11:03 am
illegally to sue until yesterday. as you know, you don't have standing until you have actual harm not theoretical harm. do you envision lawsuits that say wait a minute, this is a president that changed the law to benefit some to the disadvantage of others? >> well, you make a keen point, and that is before a lawsuit can be filed, someone has to be injured. that letter that we sent to the secretary was a steppingstone step that the attorneys general are taking as a step towards maybe -- we are considering a lawsuit against the administration. we are looking for the right entity for the individuals
11:04 am
themselves. i believe someone will be filing a challenge to the way that obama care is being enforced. >> you have to find somebody who has experienced actual harm. that shouldn't be hard because there are tens of millions of americans who have experienced the broken promise of you get to keep your health care plan and they have lost it and their premium premiums have gone down. so i think it is going to be easy to find individuals who have standing to bring a claim in challenging the way it is
11:05 am
being enforced and implemented. >> appreciate it. >> thank you greg. >> we are going to turn to the wintry blast that is gripping much of the northeast right now. some areas seeing as much as two feet in some cases are climbing out of the single digits. live with more. >> high l laura. >> hi arthel. earlier today we were closer to the water. the temperatures are not toumuc better. it feels like zero and it is going to get worse. we are going to see these temperatures fall as we get over nice. earlier today the road hibehinds was covered in snow. as you can see cars are taking their time and that is what they are supposed to be doing getting
11:06 am
through. the labor of love of these business owners the snow remove el here along the treat people are hoping to open their businesses they have been closed most of the day. areas of long island some areas got 11 inches and manhattan got over six. it is still a mess. snowy messes canning fun. we can show you a live action of central mark. we can know you the quick response vehicle. kids are having to fun sliding aarou around in the snow. governor cuomo shut down three major highways and new york's newly sworn in mayor warns just because the plows are getting
11:07 am
the job done doesn't mean the people are getting their job done. anyone who can stay in doors that is smart in terms of your health and well being. activity is inching back to n m normal at all three new york city airports. they are reporting hundreds of cancellations. giant melting devices are being used to get through that snow you hear this during the big storms call ahead. those delays are going to linger on for a while. thank you very much. finally after slamming areas this storm is moving out to sea. another snow maker is moving out and green bay is in it's path really?
11:08 am
big green bay packer fan. did i say that? over rated. joins us now, um what do you think jd? >> they are not going to get the big big snow totals but it is going to rival some of the coldest games that they have had in the nfl. this is game time. windchill of my nus 15 and ny mus 25. the temperature is going to drop throughout the game. old school football. this is hearty stuff. >> they cannot handle that kind of temperature. he cannot he can't handle that. aaron rogers can handle that. >> so you are a big football guy. >> a little bit. >> i'm watching. paying attention. >> they are going to get some of the coldest air that we have seen in years. the number one was the ice bowl back in 1967 and the temperature
11:09 am
was minus 13. we might be top ten coldest nfl games. this is in advance of our next storm system she says. 13 in chicago with the wind chill it feels cooler than that. you could vrival some of the coldest air that you have ever seen. minus 10 is going to be the daytime high on monday. another one that is going to bring know down through the mississippi river valley. look at that memphis you could get some snow. cold in memphis. that is our next weather maker. i'll be here, i'll be here all weekend. tip your waitreswaitress. >> who one that game? >> the cowboys. >> green bay 21, dallas cowboys
11:10 am
17. i'm reading it here i didn't know that. >> okay. >> the united kingdom is dealing with extreme winter weather. we are talking about heavy rains, strong winds look at the pictures there. flooding and causing rivers to overflow. wales and ireland getting hit the hardest. >> look at that. >> isn't that amazing. a brutal winter storm. we will have the update for you. and that is impacted thousands of people. heading home after the holidays stranding them at the airports. how long we'll continue our coverage. and troops detaining two student athletes in benghazi.
11:11 am
>> and why green bay packer fans are at risk of missing tomorrow's big playoff game upless they can brave the cold. ♪ if you won't see me ♪ you won't see me
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11:14 am
details today on a deadly blast at minneapolis apartment building. fire department saying that a second body has been found at the sight of this fire that began on new year's day. authorities say besides the two people killed 14 ours injured. it is possibly gas the cause of the fire. >> americans are reportedly being detained again in libya.
11:15 am
security official saying it is milt arrested two college basketball players in the u.s. it is not clear why the two are being held. you may remember four americans were detained mast month. is libya beginning to spiral out-of-control. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> can you tell us anything more about the americans that are reportedly being held? >> information is pretty sparse. it is a strange set of circumstances. it raises questions that they may be detained for scary reasons. this is a question where westerners have been targets more and more.
11:16 am
most have been familiar with the fact that the u.s. ambassador was killed there in 2012. there is a sense of growing violence of a government that doesn't seem to be in control. and would you feel that they should be more proactive or reactive to the climate there?
11:17 am
to try to win the peace if you will but not a lot has happened some aid has been given by the u.s. as far as hold and conjoeling and the political process that hasn't happened. you have the situation where you have a government in tripoli in the cities around libya. there isn't a military command or police force of that. as time has gone by, the islamists in libya have been doing better and better and there is the risk of what you are seeing across the middle east time is not on the side of more liberal forces that might be pro american in the long run. is that why it seems to be a
11:18 am
political land mine? >> it seems that they don't want to bring up the issue with benghazi. it doesn't seem to want to say much or do much which is unfortunate. libya is an important country. tunisia has been on again and off again with the government and one that faces opposition so, it would be nice if things trended in the right direction with libya.
11:19 am
>> i want to jump in with yes or no, do you think that the u.s. administration should remain silent or speak up. yes or no. >> i think they should jump in on the fate of these u.s. citizens. >> your new book. thank you christian. >> wow. nice promo. al gore is on the phone for you by the way. that phone right over there. for you. al gore. >> this winter storm leaving many people stranded. a live report to get things back to normal. sp ] oj, veggies you're cool.
11:20 am
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11:23 am
welcome back. time for a quick check of headlines. the demolition of the school where 20 children and six educators were killed last year is now done. the new school expected to open december of 2016. fbi saying that ter irs were not behind the bombing of the consulate.
11:24 am
philadelphia football fans tackling snow removal today. are you big on the saints? >> more on that later. drew breeze is their gb you kquk you know. >> the soaring violence in iraq not seen at these levels in years. kathrine, hi. >> well thank you arthel. two of the most important cities in iraq after four days of mighting, militants set fire to police stations and released police stations from jail. this area has remained the center since troops pulled out in 2011.
11:25 am
this is northeast of baghdad. officials there say a dar packed with explosives. >> in some places as i said, to matt's question, either groups that share extremist ideology that in some places because of the civil war in syria have taken advantage of the security situation to perpetratorist attack attacks it is something we are concerned about. >> what takes play here is that the violence in iraq is being carried out under the same banner under the name of the state of iraq and syria. and critics of the president say
11:26 am
the decision to pull out of iraq create that power vacuum. >> when future historians look back on the obama era, they will look at this as his number one foreign polyblicy bun deicy blu >> this is one of the highest death tolls of civilians in recent memory arth eecel. >> i'm for the sapts and by the way i'm getting hammered on social media. because i was rude to bguy benson. if you thought so, i apologize.
11:27 am
>> don't be rude to al gore he is online one right there. >> is the administration changing its tune on obama care? >> 70 million enrollments is not really our number. millions of dollars and thousands of jobs may be on the line but the company threatening to take the manufacture iing toe now plain. ♪ you don't long ♪ we're not gonna take it, no we ain't gonna take it, we're not gonna take it anymore ♪ i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you.
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these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! we are just getting word right now that the government has filed an appeal by an earlier ruling by a judge that said the nsa surveillance program was unconstitutionuncon. that dove tails with the ruling by william pauly who is the federal judge in new york who said it is perfectly constitutional there is no first amendment protection. well the first major winter storm of 2014 is what about the third of the country.
11:32 am
travel in particular is getting tricky now and as more than 1000 flights have been cancelled at times the only thing flying was the snow itself. several major airports left passengers stranded for at least a while. >> we came back in here and they tried to rebook us but they rebooked me for tomorrow morning at 6:16 but they are going to get me out of here today. that's it. >> what did you think about this winter travel. >> horrible. never do it again, never never never no. >> we have fox team coverage. steve harrigan. let's go to jonathan who is live at, atlanta's hartford international airport. we step outside the terminal. with the winter weather up north
11:33 am
it creates a ripple effect tl throughout the entire airport. when you look at flights coming from the northeast. many are delayed and some are cancelled. that has a ripple effect. we met a family changing planes but their flight out of atlanta was cancelled because wione of e crew members was stranded ip e chicago. >> we almost represented a car to drive from atlanta to san diego. instead we are luckily enough to catch a flight. hopefully it will work out we'll see. >> and we want to show you know a live shot looking at the, atlanta airport atrium.
11:34 am
in general, lines at the ticket counter and security are relatively light. best advice check the flight schedules on lipe befoline befod to the airport. drive carefully because there are patches of ice on the road. >> jonathan thanks. >> you heard this guy tried to drive home in san diego. i would drive home too. folks who are trying to make it home after vacationing in sunny south florida. steve harrigan is live at jam j miami international airport. 40 flights alone have been cancelled today. more than 100 flights have been canc cancelled. travelers expect it could take
11:35 am
them three or four days to get home. >> how are you holding up. >> reporter: >> i'll collapsing. >> really really really annoying. i don't know how to describe it. i want to kind of scream at every one. >> i'm supposed to stay like this since yesterday. i didn't wash since yesterday. we can't get our bags. they said it is too many bagged to take off. >> some of the airlines are giving out $10 vouchers for meals. it hasn't been that bad a number of people traveling with small children. they set up camp here in the airports for people who could be here for two or three days. >> two or three days that is a long long time. all right steve harrigan thank you very much. >> and the white house changing
11:36 am
its tune on enrollment projections on obama care. it was posting that so far more than two million people have enrolled in the federal exchanges and backing away from the original goal of 7 million enroll lees. mike gallagher is the host of the mike gallagher show. >> what changes is that we had the problem with the website. that was the hope sebelius said we hope it could be. >> if i could finish. >> i want you to finish. >> answer my question they aren't even close are they? >> that was before the problem with website. this is getting tiresome. obama care is here, it is here
11:37 am
to stay and it is not going to stay. >> you are trying to over turn it then go ahead. >> i can help you out. i don't think two million is close to seven million. >> by the end of march. look it up. i found it on my phone. she said end of march seven million is a realistic goal and she said that tell the truck. l truth. there is no credibility left. that is why the washington post gave out it's pinnochio awards. everybody knows it and everybody is tap dancing because we are stuck with this. >> we get e-mails from people i lost my coverage and the president promised my wouldn't and my coverage has gone up.
11:38 am
efl cues me. has the president lost credibility? >> not in my view. >> you laugh all you want. i do have a point of view that may differ from what you would normally hear on this show. it is good that you present both points of view. this president did his very best. the affordable care act as been passed more an more people are signing on. >> i didn't interrupt anybody i would like to finish my sentence. >> different bills that have been approved by the supreme court. >> we are arguing about whether the administration has told the truth or not. >> you are a democrat in the white house you are in hot water. >> i interslviewed glen kessler
11:39 am
>> if i could finish a sentence. >> let me know when i can talk. >> i lie has to be a willful statement of mistruth. >> allen. allen. a lie is a lie. >> you guys can call it whatever you want i don't see it that way. >> that was a goal. it was a hoped for goal. she used the words hoped for goal. >> she said a realistic goal by the end of march. june 24th look it up >> guys got to go i apologize for my koufing. i didn't mean to allen. >> thank you. >> all right thanks greg. lis tone thten to this one.
11:40 am
thousands of bowing workers will likely build a triple 7 x jet liner in the seattle area where they have been building jets in the area. he's the managing partner at ch chadwood investments. happy new year to you ed. >> let's talk about this boeing has said we are going to keep this triple 7 x in the region. in return what we want is an extension of tax breaks to 2040 as well as a contract that would transition workers away from
11:41 am
traditional pensions. is this a foreshadowing of more profitable companies winning the arm wrestling with yup ones. they are doing well right now. they are making a lot of money and amounsed a buyback. but this is interesting because you are going to see this play out all the time. unions are slowly but surely losing their power. they are going to try to find ways that they can cut costs. i wish i was advising this union. you are better off taking a 401 k plan versus a 401 k plan. they do better than pension plans do over five, ten,
11:42 am
fifteen, 20 year periods. they are arguing something. they are better off taking the 401 k plan. you said if you were advising them. are the union guys bringing people in like you to say hey, here are the pros and cons but this is the way it is a new day and this is how it could benefit you in the long run? >> are they doing that? >> i don't know if they are. they should. i would fly out there tonight and explap in it to them. if they have the hop opportunity to take the 401 k plan. if you know the industry they should embrace this.
11:43 am
we save the economy for the most par part. there are 22 states that have offered to bliring that busines in. a lot of companies are leaving these areas that are expeen sif to live in. it is beautiful but you are right. by the way rngts bo the way ay, ordered for 225 triple 7 x planes in due boy. one time. so, ed, we'll talk to you later and thank you for your isight. >> stay warm up there. >> we will. who dat it is time for the nfl playoffs but black out rules could me that some fans won't get to watch their own team in
11:44 am
action. we'll continue the storm team coverage. northern wisconsin dropping to a record low. >> gore is online one. ♪ get the feeling that i'm running on ice where did my life go wrong ♪
11:45 am
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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11:47 am
welcome back the nfl playoffs begin today of course. thousands of fans might not be able to watch their favorite home team. back out. means that a game must be sold out 72 hours before a kick off orphans of the home team will be blacked out. now only the ben gets i could
11:48 am
have sworn that it was the raiders who challenged the black out rule and bwon and now it is back? >> it is just under review now the fcc said they thought it should be done away with. they don't want this to be a studio game that is played for the fans optelevision. the problem is the experience has gotten so good. you have the in stand replays. you don't have to worry about parking and it could be the coldest game in the history of green bay this week end. fans still want to be there and the nfl does not want their
11:49 am
stadiums to be empty so they enforce it. how dare the government in trud on my right to watch something on television. and yet they have through this rule here. is that changing? is it the same what is the deal? >> they want it to change because there is so much money being spent by the television networks. i'm sure that the nfl and the legislators and the fcc will be looking at this carefully. ticket sales are in the high 95% are sold out. but i think it is going to have to come under review.
11:50 am
the fans are used to getting it at home. we are huge huge fans who support professional football but can't afford a there with a saints hell helmet behind youra head. >> i broadcast the game so i don't want to pick, but if you force me to, the saints have had a lot of trouble on the road. >> you like collin kaepernick. >> i don't know, green bay is tough at home but the 49ers have been tough on the road. >> i'm nor the broncos, the panthers and the patriots. none of them play this weekend. >> yes. i like broncos because of peyton manning. >> still hoping for the saints. we have more on the brutal winter storm causing nightmares for travelers across the nation
11:51 am
when we come back. >> i have no idea when we'll get out of here. >> we're comping and camping out here and seeing what happens.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
we have new detail on the very sad case in oakland, california, where jahi mcmath is fighting for her life. she is technically brain dead in the hospital. adam houseley is live with he details. what are they saying? >> reporter: heartbreaking case all the we around. it's been a court case for two and a half weeks in federal and state court. we have been told the hospital is now telling the media a death certificate has been issued for
11:55 am
jahi and that happened today. the family says they have raised more than $45,000 to move here from this location, and a state court hearing just ended. we're told both sides are claiming victory. the judge ruled that jahi can be moved and there's a plan in place to move her from the hospital but in judge also ruled the hospital would not be forced to perform a trach or put a feeding tube in her or be forced to allow a doctor from the outside to prove those procedures. show to family says they're going to do it nearby. they won't tell anybody where the facility is, but both side claiming victory. the hospital saying they haven't been forced to do anything and the hospital still insists jahi is deceased, and the family says things are starting to go their way. what is up next is a federal hearing, pretty much a lot of the same arguments there. the family trying to force the hospital to feed jahi.
11:56 am
she has had no nutritional situation through the tube since december 12th, but it's the top headline is the hospital saying a death certification has been issued. the family claims she is still alive. >> adam, did you say the family at the -- the hospital is not going to perform the operation to insert the trach, they're going elsewhere to get the trach inserted? >> exactly. the hospital was not forced to do that by the judge. the judge said they did not have to do that and did not have to allow another doctor in. the family says it will not be performed in an ambulance but out a location nearby. >> perform trach to insert the feeting tube. a very sad story. we appreciate your coverage. we'll be right back. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right, no hidd fees. it's just that i'm worried about, you know, "hidden things." ok, why's that? well uhhh...
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i'm not just a back surgeon, i'm also a back patient. i sleep on the sleep number bed myself and i highly recommend it to all of my patients. need another reason to call? the sleep number bed costs about the same as an innerspring but lasts twice as long. so if you want to sleep better or find relief for your bad back, call now. call the number on your screen for your free information kit with, brochure and price list. call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 100-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> like at this spectacular creation of nature. the northern lights. beautiful. dazzling colors in the skies
12:00 pm
over north dakota. but folks heading out to get a look may want to bundle up. the temperatures in grand fork tuesday dropping to as low as 20 degrees below zero. >> it's cold near new york, too. >> thank you for watching. harris faulkner is up next. >> i'm in today for shepard smith on the fox news deck. the deadly winter storm is just about over but right now in some places, it is cold enough to kill. we'll have more on the bitter temperatures in just a moment. first, the huge storm that blasted the northeast with heavy snow and stretched as far south as d.c. parts of massachusetts saw nearly two feet of snow. along with blinding blizzard conditions, and here in new york city, we saw about a half foot. still enough to make a mess for traffic and close could schoolsd businesses in jersey, more than that.


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